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  Deborah (Markowitz) Solan grew up in a Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York, during the turbulent 1960s. She witnessed the devastating trauma of death at an early age, and without even realizing it, began to question the meaning of life. Though outwardly “successful,” (she graduated high school at the age of 16 and was the first student intern at Sesame Street-Electric Co. Magazines), she sought answers to life in all the wrong places and made many dangerous and unhealthy life choices.  At age 19, she accepted an invitation to an Antioch weekend at West Virginia University when it seemed like “something” was directing her to go. It was there that she first heard about Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah and His Promise of Eternal Life.  

  Despite strong objections (what would her Jewish mother think?), Deb spent the entire weekend hearing from people whose lives had been radically changed by God. She knew she needed to be true to herself (hadn’t her parents taught her to be open-minded?) and by the end of the weekend, she asked Christ to come into her heart and life. A lightning storm that day was the first of many “signs and wonders” that God would allow her to experience. Ten years later, Deb’s mother, Maxine, though initially strongly opposed to Deb’s Christian faith, recognized her own need and also accepted Christ as the Jewish Messiah. Five years later, Maxine prayed for her mother, Jessie, in a Jewish nursing home, to accept Christ as well.  

 Deb’s 35-year, successful career in journalism, public relations and fundraising, has provided her numerous opportunities to share her faith with community and business leaders, physicians, and corporate and university presidents.
She has now responded to God’s call on her life to share the deep truths of faith, hope, love and strong Christian character that she has learned through the good and bad times of her life.
Deb has been a ministry leader in all aspects of Christian service at the Community Vineyard Church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, including:
 • Children, Youth and Adults    • Missions; Administration  • Women’s Bible Studies     • Evangelistic Outreach
She led a missions trip to inner-city children in Brooklyn, New York, in part, to allow God to redeem her own difficult childhood.
Deb has been married to a wonderful Christian man, George M. Solan, Jr., for more than 30 years and the couple have a beautiful and gifted daughter, Samantha, a young woman who is also committed to Christ.