About Me


I, like most women, wear many hats and fulfill many roles in life. I am a mother, a daughter and a wife. I consider these my highest calling. 

I am also a professional, having culminated a successful, 35-year, high-level administrative career, raising millions of dollars; working with corporate, hospital and university presidents; planning lavish and detailed special events; and overseeing 10 newspapers with nearly 100 employees. 

A dedicated volunteer in all aspects of ministry, I work closely with women, children, youth, small groups, missions, community outreach and impact.

My story, in some ways, is the same as many who grew up in the turbulent times of the 1960s - making unhealthy and dangerous choices in the face of changing social norms and uncertainty in the world.

But my story is also very different than most. Having experienced the trauma of death at an early age and having lived with secret sexual abuse, I began questioning the meaning of life as a child with no apparent answers coming from my non-religious, strongly cultural, Jewish, New York home.

A divine appointment led me to a spiritual retreat when I was a junior in college at West Virginia University, where I first heard about a God who knew me before I was born and loved me enough to die for me. It was there that my life changed forever as I accepted the love of this Jewish God - Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah - into my heart. A decade of prayers later, my mother, Maxine, who had vehemently despised Christ and Christians, followed in my footsteps, allowing my husband, George, and I, to pray her into the glorious love of God. And five years following that amazing experience, she led her mother, Jessie, in the same prayer for forgiveness and acceptance of God’s love. The fourth generation of Jewish Christian women in our family is our daughter, Samantha.

My purpose in life is to share the goodness and love of God with any and all I meet. I am a professional writer, teacher, and speaker, who is passionate about the intimate love of God for each of us. Transparent and honest about all that we experience in life (the happy and sad, the good and the bad), I will, with God’s help, change the way you view yourself and the God who made you so that you may fulfill your destiny and experience purpose, joy and overwhelming love every day of your life.

  Published Articles and Devotionals   

“From Helicopter to Parachute Mom,” (One Mother to Another), 

Gospel Herald and The Sunday School Times, Union Gospel Press  Fall Quarter 2017   

“Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk,” (How to be a Good Role Model For Children and Teens), 

Gospel Herald and The Sunday School Times, Union Gospel Press, Summer Quarter 2017    

“The Quiet Hour,” David C. Cook Devotional, June/July 2017 

Mercy Matters; Food For Thought; One True Judge;  Quick to Respond: The Light in the Midst of the Darkness;  On Eagles’ Wings; Will We Go?   

“Awesome,” devozine (For Teens and By Teens), May/June 2017    

“The Quiet Hour,” David C. Cook Devotional, September 2016  

Always Home; Our Heavenly Habitation; More Than One Step  Ahead; Thirst No More; In Good Hands; Passover Made Perfect; Our Heavenly Home   

“The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry,” Today’s Christian Living, August 2016    

“His Love Endures Forever,” Turning Point Column, Today’s Christian Living, March 2016       

Accepted For Publication 

   “The Jewish Aspect,” Bible Expositor and Illuminator, Union Gospel Press, (Sunday School Lessons for Adults), Winter 2017-2018 

Faith in Jesus; Faith to Discern; Faith to Persevere;  Faithful Seekers of the King; Faith to Unite; A Sincere Faith;  A Bold Faith; A Prayer for an Obedient Faith; A Strong Faith; Faith Without Works is Dead; A Disciplined Faith;  Faithful Disciples; The Good Fight of Faith    

“The Jewish Aspect,” Bible Expositor and Illuminator, Union Gospel Press, (Sunday School Lessons for Adults), Fall 2018 

Creation in Sky, Sea and Land; The First Day of Creation;  The First Man; Man’s First Home; A Suitable Helper; A Reckless Choice; Dreadful Consequences; The First Murder; Worldwide Wickedness; Preparation for Deliverance; Safety in the Ark;  The Great Flood; Thanksgiving and A Promise   “A Life of Love” The Secret Place, Judson Press Devotional Fall 2018   

“The Jewish Aspect,” Bible Expositor and Illuminator, Union Gospel Press, (Sunday School Lessons for Adults), Spring 2019 

A Growing Confidence; A New Affection; A New Way of Life; A New Understanding; A New Loyalty; A Growing Awareness;  A Growing Resolve; Remember The True Gospel;  The Source of Paul’s Gospel; The Gospel of Faith Foretold;  The Gospel of Faith in Christ; Heirs Because of the Gospel;  The Gospel in Action